Anti Theft Laptop Back Pack

Fix price: KSh 2,500
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stay safe get yourself an antitheft laptop bag
with powerbank charging port
hidden zipper
Secret Pockets: RFID Protection: Thieves are not ones to lag behind technology. If you try to beat the pickpockets by carrying cards, they have found a way to steal money electronically too. Which is why, the best anti-theft backpacks come with RFID protection pockets where you can store any cards which carries information electronicall
Water-resistance: This is a safety feature of sorts. It protects your belongings from the natural elements. Once you start using an anti-theft backpack, it’s likely you would want to carry it everywhere. How probable is it that it might get wet eventually? Very. Water-resistance helps, come hail or an unfortunate puddle splas

Town / City / village:Nairobi - Kenya
Creation Date20.05.2018
Ad number:1354
CategoryElectronic devices
Keywords:bags. theftproof bags, laptop bags

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